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Meeting Venue

The full Council meets on the first Wednesday every month at 6.30pm, except in August.
The Council also has a number of sub- committees which meet when necessary.
Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings. Anyone who wishes to
address the Council, will need to contact the Clerk before the council meeting.

Date Location  
October   Hendy Reading Room
September 2018   Tycroes Village Hall
July 4th 2018   Hendy Reading Room
June 6th 2018  

Tycroes Village Hall

May 9th 2018    
May 2nd 2018    
April 4th 2018    
March 7th 2018   Tycroes Village Hall
February 7th 2018   Hendy Reading Room
January 25th 2018   Tycroes Village Hall
January 3rd 2018   Tycroes Village Hall
December 6th 2017   Hendy Reading Room
September 6th 2017   Tycroes Village Hall
July 6th 2017   Hendy Reading Room
June 27th 2017 Special Meeting Tycroes Village Hall
June 7th 2017   Hendy Reading Room
May 18th 2017   Tycroes Village Hall
April 5th 2017   Hendy Reading Room
February 1st 2017   Hendy Reading Room
January 26th 2017   Tycroes Village Hall
January 4th 2017   Hendy Reading Room
December 7th 2016   Tycroes Village Hall
October 5th 2016   Hendy Reading Room
September 7th 2016   Hendy Reading Room
August 17th 2016   Hendy Reading Room
July 6th 2016   Hendy Reading Room
June 28th 2016   Hendy Reading Room
May 19th 2016   Tycroes Village Hall
May 11th 2016
Annual General Meeting
Tycroes Village Hall
April   Hendy Reading Room
March 10th 2016 Finance Hendy Reading Room
March 2nd 2016   Tycroes Village Hall
February 3rd 2016   Hendy Reading Room
February 1st 2016 Finance Hendy Reading Room
January 13th 2016 Precept
Tycroes Village Hall
January 2016
Tycroes Village Hall
October 1st 2014
Arlan Gwili, Hendy
November 5th 2014
Arlan Gwili, Hendy
December 3rd 2014
Arlan Gwili, Hendy
January 7th 2015
Arlan Gwili, Hendy
February 4th 2015
Arlan Gwili, Hendy
March 4th 2015
Arlan Gwili, Hendy
April 1st 2015
Tycroes Village Hall
May 6th 2015 (Annual Meeting)
Tycroes Village Hall
May 13th
Tycroes Village Hall
June 3rd 2015
Reading Room, Hendy
July 1st 2015
Tycroes Village Hall
August 2015
No Meeting
September 2nd 2015
Tycroes Village Hall
October 7th 2015
Reading Room Hendy
October 15th 2015 Special Meeting
Tycroes Village Hall
November 2015
December 2015



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Tycroes CP
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