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Dog Fouling
Llanedi Community Council along with Carmarthenshire County Council actively encourages dog owners to act responibly and clear up after their dogs.

Allthough the majority of residents are responsible and pick up after their dogs, a careless few are still giving dogs a bad name.

Littering our parks, pavements and public spaces, dog fouling is one of the main causes of complaint to the council.
grab it bin it!
Grab it, Bag it, Bin it!

1. Always keep a good supply of plastic bags near your dog's lead (Supermarket carrier bags make great poop scoops) so you don't forget when you take your dog out for a walk. Simply insert your hand in the plastic bag and pick up your dog's waste.

2. Carefully turn the plastic bag inside out and your dog's mess will then be 'bagged'.

3. Dispose of your bag in a public litter bin, or take it home and place in your own waste bin.

Pick up or pay up

The Council's environmental enforcement officers regulary patrol the county and anyone caught failing to clean up after their pet is issued with a fixed penalty notice of £75

Failure to pay within 14 days could result in a £1,000 fine through prosecution in the Magistrates Court.

If you have witnessed a dog-fauling incident in your area please contact Carmarthenshire Direct by telephone: 01267 234567

You can now report a dog-foling incident online by completing our Online Dog
Fouling Report form below.

Dog Fouling Online Report it...


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